Shooting Gallery Asia

Shooting Gallery Asia was first established as a commercial photography studio in 1987 and immediately became one of the largest and sought after studios in Singapore and a significant player in the region, with a studio and offices in Shanghai and Indonesia as well.

Dedicated and always on the go, we are a bunch of like-minded souls with a creative vision focused on giving our clients the very best. Think of us as a one-stop creative shop for cutting-edge photography, TVC & film production, production support, and Digital Imaging services including Computer Generated Imagery with a unique touch.

We are headquartered in Singapore with a 22,000 sq ft fully equipped facility. With an extensive network, we are well prepared to support our clients globally.

Shooting Gallery Asia is a recognised brand name that is synonymous with reliability, professionalism, and integrity – pillars for our growth and continued development. These are the values that we will continue striving excellence in.