Jorg Sundermann

Jorg Sundermann studied photography in Europe’s largest commercial studio. His passion as an image hunter and wanderlust spans from the West to Asia, having spent half his life in Singapore where he has nurtured his career. While his extensive work covers advertising, design, corporate, publishing and editorial projects around the world, his passion’s extent is beyond commercial photography. It is as insatiable as an explorer’s appetite for boundless adventure.

He is one of the lucky few who have discovered their passion early in life, set out to pursue it, and has enjoyed every moment of it. From being a kid whose photojournalist father’s dark room was his playground, Jorg has journeyed professionally and personally along the road he loves most, capturing images, keeping his backpack full of memoirs, and living his life just the way he wants it – candid with a certain grit, and a whole lot of passion and fun.