Gavril Hing

Gavril Hing is a filmmaker based in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Gavril’s aspirations to become a narrative director in advertising led him to connect with renowned Hong Kong director David Tsui who helmed many iconic and classic commercials since the 70’s.

At the age of 22, he moved over to Hong Kong where he quickly became David’s assistant director and spent the next 4 years under his tutelage. Being trilingual enabled him to be heavily involved and later adept in all stages of production.

Early 2020, Gavril returned to Singapore because of the COVID-19 pandemic and worked locally as a 1st Assistant Director for various productions, a role he’d assume when he flies back occasionally.

Recently, Gavril has begun his transition into the role of Director. Perhaps most influenced by his mentor, Gavril’s keen observational eye to relationships, the human spirit and life in general compels him to tell moments that are both personal and relatable.